“Dr. Diehl has helped me get my life back in order by helping me regain my health. He helped me target exactly what is going on with my body. With the proper diagnosis I have lost a total of 80 pounds in the last eight months. 75 of those pounds have been since I started seeing him in October of 2016 and that’s simply by changing some supplements and my eating habits! I haven’t even started going to the gym again yet! That will come this summer. I’m… so excited! I have a long way to go yet because I’m working on reversing anemia and diabetes, and my ultimate goal is to put my Hashimoto’s Disease in remission. I know I can do that now thanks to Dr. Diehl’s care! I am doing it! You can too!!! Thank you, Dr. Diehl for your unwavering support, and a big thanks to Linda at your State College office for always being so positive and supportive as well. Forever grateful!!!” ???? -Jennifer M – Boalsburg, PA

What does it mean to have a “normal” thyroid test?…….NOTHING really.

The first problem is how we define “normal”.

Fatigue, feeling cold all the time, weight gain, depression, thinning hair and eyebrows, dry skin and mental sluggishness are not a “normal” part of aging.

Lab ranges can be overly broad and non-standardized, meaning they vary from lab to lab.

Lab ranges do not represent the OPTIMAL. Would you rather be healthy or just not “sick” yet?

Furthermore, we aren’t treating numbers. We have to look at a person and their symptoms.

Lab testing is almost always incomplete because it doesn’t affect the traditional treatment. Synthetic replacement (Synthroid, Levothyroxine etc) based on TSH.

The problem with this is that fails to help the vast majority of people.

Because the CAUSE of low thyroid symptoms is not being addressed.

In order to do this, you need to run a FULL Thyroid Panel.


TSH - signal from pituitary to thyroid to make thyroid hormone T4(90%) and T3(10%)
T4 - needs to be converted in the liver and gut
T3 – considered to be the more biologically active form of the hormone
FREE T3-the amount that is unbound and available
Reverse T3- this wayward form of T3 causes problems by taking up receptor sites
TPO and
TBG antibodies
- to detect the presence of an autoimmune condition (your own body is ATTACKING your thyroid), which is actually the majority of cases.

If you have an auto-immune condition, this has to be our TOP PRIORITY because this is a chronic degenerative condition (more time = more tissue lost) and if it is not managed, there is an increased likelihood of other tissues being targeted and attacked (brain, nerves, intestine etc).

WHY don’t they look for this more often? Because it doesn’t change the traditional treatment – Synthetic replacement based on TSH.

I believe this is a big mistake because over time a person’s condition continues to deteriorate.

We KNOW there are factors which can trigger an autoimmune attack like:
-INFECTIONS (EBV, Lyme, Strep, CMV, H. Pylori etc.
-FOODS - dietary triggers of inflammation and immune activation
-TOXINS - heavy metals (aluminum, mercury etc) and chemicals.

There are also genetic factors that can contribute to the problem. Many times these can be influenced by diet and lifestyle.

So……lets look for and remove the triggers, address the chronic inflammation through diet and lifestyle and support a healthy immune response.

We may also have to look at adrenal health with an Adrenal Stress Index (ASI). MANY thyroid patients also have adrenal problems.

By doing a more thorough investigation of the CAUSES of a persons symptoms, we can be more specific with our recommendations and support.

If you or anyone you know suffers from symptoms of low thyroid function or are being treated and unhappy with the results, I invite you to call our office and set up an initial discovery visit to see if you would qualify for our thyroid support programs.

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